At Unforgiven Productions we believe in Making friends, creating adventures, and forging lasting memories.

We Are Redefining Reality.

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Book Of Shadows

Beautiful box set including stamp holder, Camarilla seal, and red sealing wax.


Vampire the Masquerade V2

Soft Cover - Real books are back on the menu! For the first time since 2016!


Changeling RPS Metal Cards

Have a sneak peek into a new limited-quantity product for fans of Changeling the Dreaming!


Mind's Eye Theatre: Deluxe Edition

Nothing says “Vampire” more than black leatherette covers and great art from Tim Bradstreet!


Redefining Reality!

“Unforgiven Productions creates, writes, and executes highly immersive theatrical roleplaying opportunities for educational and recreational purposes.”


Minot Anti-Valentine’s Vampire Ball

Events Minot Anti-Valentine’s Vampire Ball November 21, 2023 Description Unforgiven Productions proudly presents the Minot Anti-Valentine’s Vampire Ball  which will be held on Saturday, February

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This Our Story!

Unforgiven Productions creates immersive environments for the purpose of entertaining and educating individuals through the creation of participatory events. Known colloquially as “Larp” or Live Action Role Play, we give attendees the opportunity to portray a character wholly unique to them. Developing strong ties and friendships will move the plot forward and each individual will impact the story in a dramatic way.

We began as a small gaming group of 6 in Minot in 2007. We quickly grew to 10 individuals and have had many hundreds of people experience our stories. We formally became a company in October of 2019. We continue to grow and expand the stories we tell as we join with other organizations and companies to produce the greatest tales ever told. We are excited that you have decided to experience our stories.

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More Merch From By Night Studios

Black Coffin Flask with BNS Skull

Coffin-flask with the BNS skull logo etched into it.  Perfect as a larp prop for a drink- or poison!   
Or to keep your throat lubricated at anytime.  This is truly a stunning item.

Stainless Steel/ black finish, 300ml capacity (3.5oz).


Vampire RPS Metal Cards

Check out this new, limited-quantity product for fans of MET: Vampire the Masquerade!  3 steel cards,  one side the beautiful Vampire: The Masquerade Logo and the other side a Rock, Scissor, or Paper Airplane.  

They just shipped- we have a LIMITED PRODUCTION RUN at this time. 



Blood Vial Bullet Pendant

- Bullet shaped vial with blood! Don't worry. it's not real, but perfect to represent a PFoVI, any vampire vitae or... something else....

- Silver plated, led and nickel free.


Individual Clan and Sect wax seals

Extra wax seals for our wax seal set with the clans and also Anarch and Sabbat sect stamps.


Upcoming EventAnti-Valentine Vampire Ball

Unforgiven Productions proudly presents the Minot Anti-Valentine’s Vampire Ball which will be held on Saturday, February 17th from 8pm to 1:30am at the Sleep Inn located at 2400 10th St SW Minot, ND 58701. Gates will open at 8pm for VIVs and 9pm for General Admission.





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zeka pika

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Pretty cool team

Adrian Ward

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Unique events and a fun time. Thoroughly enjoyable experience.

Zach Padilla

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Makes really awesome events!

Riuzaki Yagami

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😎👌 great experience

Zach -ah

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Had a dope burlesque show

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